5 Travel Destinations With The Cheapest Costs

At a time when the rupiah is weakening against the US dollar as it is today, it makes us reluctant to travel abroad. Well, who wants that after having fun, we would even languish when we return to Indonesia because our budget swelled due to the high exchange rate.

But, don’t worry, there are 5 tourist destination countries that won’t blow our finances when we visit them. Let’s travel to countries that do have the status of “cheap countries” ” have for the purpose of travel – road!

1. Thailand, price for the best value

Gajah Putih is a cheap tourist paradise and it only takes about three hours from Jakarta to reach Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.

Thailand is one of the most favorite destinations for many tourists from all over the world. However, not everything on offer is just tourist prices.

For example, if you want to enjoy the experience of sitting pretty on a boat crossing the Chao Phraya, the river that divides the heart of Bangkok, don’t use a ship intended for tourists. There are also, you know, public ships that are used by residents of the city. The rate we have to pay for public boats is only 10% of the price of tourist boats.

Transportation means can only be used as transportation means in Thailand. We can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Thailand during the trip. 1,000 THB(Rp450 리부안)에 1,000 THB(Rp450 리부안) Thailand 12연국 10연 1 윐국 이연 윐국 이사지 12연국 10연 1 개모모 2개와 3개경 에가의 사모모모모 사모모 2개와.

Thailand is also a heaven of good food. You are waiting for you at the restaurant. The road stalls also have dishes that are delicious on the tongue. The variety of food, please order som tam(파파야 사래), tom yum, pad krah pow(stir fried beef 바지), pad see ew (noodles, meatballs and vegetables in soy sauce).

One portion of street food costs 30 – 50 THB on average (물라이 Rp. 13 리부안). Besides being cheap, we can feel local wisdom.

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2. 네파, Heaven on earth for travelers on a low budget

Admit it, I’m sure you included this country in the list of countries to visit, 张? This country, which has beautiful views, is quite friendly to travelers’ pockets.

Just imagine, for accommodation while hiking, you only need to budget 2-3 USD per night for one person. In the city it is a bit expensive, but still in an affordable price range, around 3-8 USD per night.

The price is set at 8 USD. Yes, it can be that cheap. For example, to enjoy momos, a special food of 네팔, you only need to pay 1 – 2 USD. 1 USD. Food prices will be slightly more expensive if you trậpịng. For one heavy meal at 장집 (inns along the 태레티 line), you should be prepared to pay 3 – 4 USD.

3. 나이의 마사는 몽골과 세사시

Accommodation is one of the items that often make up budgets. However, we can reduce it when we visit 몽골. This country, which has no borders with the sea, is a large free camping area. Yes, you can pitch a tent that you take anywhere you want. สับ สับรับ

Zhangan is worried if you don’t have a tent, because Mongolian nomads always rent their grass. Psst… they don’t set a price for the stay, so we can pay what we want. Meanwhile, the cost of staying at the hotel per night is only 7 USD.

우루산 국의 소다, 몽골 there is really nothing that can match it. For example, for a trip of 65 km from Terelj National Park to the Mongolian capital, Ulaanbaatar, it is priced at only 3 USD.

Unfortunately, because there are not many roads in Mongolia, buses are quite difficult to find. To pay the cost from the beginning and to pay the cost ??? ॥।

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4. India, 무라, 무라, 무라…

Like it or not, the news often mentions that India is unsafe to visit, this country offers an experience not easily forgotten. Messy but still beautiful.

For business travel expenses, India is relatively cheap. For example, a roadside breakfast in the form of poori (fried bread) served with two different types of curry costs only 0.4 USD. The price is 1.5 dollars in oranges. Oh, don’t forget to try a cup of masala chai (spiced milk tea) for only 10 cents USD. 무라가? 에낙 터라.

우루산 아코모다시, 티닥 비사 디데랑 무라, 카레나 ꔘ 양 ??? 읰 바야르. 7 usd. This hotel cannot be found in 백과사전.

5. 태가리, 네가라 아타, 호다 마필

Do you want to feel the beauty of Europe at an affordable price? Just come to Hungary. It is guaranteed that you will not be too bothered by converting the rupiah exchange rate.

For example, 부다페스트, 태가리, 태가리 장일 세울 한국어 1인당 7 USD 재니니. You can get breakfast from 1 USD 양 번루파 태스타. Since breakfast is important, there are several variants due to the country. Just visit the pastries in cafes scattered around the city.

Meanwhile, for large portions, you can eat well for 1.5 USD in the form of kebabs and fries. If you choose to eat at a restaurant, the price is still affordable, still around 4-5 USD.

How, are you interested in visiting 5 tourist destinations known for their cheap travel budgets?


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