7 Beaches In Belitung That Will Make You Want To Go There Again!

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Indonesia will never run out of natural beauty to explore. For beach connoisseurs, you must explore the beaches in Belitung. There are many beach spots in Belitung that can make you come back to it after visiting! Don’t believe? Let’s see first, come on, the row of beautiful beaches there!

1. Beach on Galangal Island

From a distance, you already know you will reach Lengkuas Island when you see the lighthouse tower towering high on this island. Yes, it is incomplete if you go to Belitung, but don’t set foot on Lengkuas Island.

The lighthouse here was actually built during the colonial period in 1882. Initially, visitors could climb the lighthouse and see the beautiful panorama of Belitung from the top of the lighthouse. But now it can no longer be done. To keep the lighthouse well maintained, the local government also prohibits tourists from climbing it.

Despite this, you can still enjoy the beautiful white sandy beaches with clear water here. Do you want to snorkel or dive? The underwater biota is really good! Oh yes, there are also some large granite rocks that make this island even more unique.

2. Tanjung Kelayang Beach

Near Lengkuas Island there is Tanjung Kelayang Beach. On this beach you can see even more giant granite stones.

Some of the granite stones even look like bird heads. “Kelayang” which is the name of a type of bird so the beach is called Tanjung Kelayang Beach.

The combination of white sand and turquoise water may make you not want to leave this beach in a hurry!

3. Tanjung Tinggi Beach

This beach is popular as a location for the filming of the Indonesian blockbuster film, Laskar Pelangi. Not infrequently this beach is also called Laskar Pelangi Beach. With relatively small waves you can swim freely although you still have to be careful.

One of the most exciting activities you can do at Tanjung Tinggi Beach is to climb giant granite rocks to the upper level.

When climbing the rock, you must be accompanied by an experienced guide. Once at the top, you can sit back and relax while you wait for the sunset.

4. Serdang Beach

Located in the city of Manggar, the capital of East Belitung Regency, this beach can make you not leave your camera! There are quite a lot of instagram spots on Serdang Beach.

This white beach with rows of fishing boats can be your favorite beach while in Belitung, even though its name is still less popular than other beaches.

You can not only play on the white sand, you can also relax under the sea pines. Yes, this is the uniqueness of this beach. Lots of pine trees around the beach!

5. Beach on Kepayang Island

Belitung local people usually call this island Pig Island. The coastline on Kepayang Island is quite long. Walking on white sand along the beach while being hit by small waves must be very nice.

Many tourists around this beach for snorkeling and diving because the coral reefs are still in good condition. If you are lucky, while snorkeling you can see many colorful fish, even hawksbill turtles! On Kepayang Island there is also a hawksbill turtle hatchery that you should not miss.

6. Beach on Batu Berlayar Island

It is called Batu Berlayar because the shape of the giant granite rocks on this island resembles an expanding ship’s sail. The size of the highest stone reaches 10 meters, you know! The size of the island itself is very small. Sand on the island will only come to the surface when the tide is low.

The water around the island is very clear. With granite rocks and clear blue skies, it’s a great place to add to your collection of selfies.

Due to its small size, you can explore the entire island in a matter of seconds. Also, be careful when walking on this island as there may be sea urchins.

7. Tanjung Pendam Beach

This is the closest beach to downtown Belitung! Many locals spend the afternoon enjoying the sunset there. Before leaving Belitung, it is also a good idea to stop by this beach.

The sea water is calm and there is also an amusement park nearby. While enjoying the beach you can also eat seafood at restaurants around the beach.

Come on, head straight to Belitung and explore the beauty of its beaches. Of the seven beaches in Belitung, which is your favorite beach?