Here Are The Best Glamping Places In Bogor Where You Can Enjoy Camping In A Hotel Environment with akuntan publik

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Glamping sites in Bogor – Camping is now becoming more and more popular among millennial families. If you go camping in the cold nature tired of the repetitive daily life, your mind will be refreshed and calm. There are many benefits for children when you invite them to go camping.

But don’t worry if you are still not sure about real camp where you just have to pitch your tent! Today, many campsites are equipped. Hotel class luxury!

Camping with comfortable and luxurious facilities is called glamping or glamping. There are many great campsites in Bogor, not far from the capital.

11 Best Glamping Spots in Bogor

The best glamping place in Bogor

Complete address

Highland Parks and Resorts

Jl. Nangka Sinarwangi Waterfall, Sukajadi, Tamansari, Bogor, West Java 16610

Forester Glamping

Mega Mendon, KEX. Megamendong, Bogor, West Java 16770

Kuruk Nangka Green Glamping

Sukagadi, Tamansari, Bogor, West Java 16610

Rasmala cottage

Mount Salak Indah Tourism Area, Jl. metric tons. Bender, Gunung Sari, Pamijahan, Bogor, West Java 16810

Nature camping

Kiel, Ciconggang Village, Petak Uri. Sukaharja, Cijeruk, Sukaharja, Cijeruk, Bogor, West Java 16740

Glamcamp outdoor carpenter

Jl. Tegalluhur, Karang Tengah, Kec. Babkan Madang, Bogor, West Java 16810

Hermann Loudcamp

Hermann Lantang Camp, Nangka Waterfall, Sukagadi, Tamansari, Bogor, West Java 16610

1. Highland Parks and Resorts

There are two different types of tents you can settle in: Mongolian tents and Apache tents. You stay in a tent, but the atmosphere inside the tent is like a hotel room! The bathroom is covered with luxury ceramic tiles.

As you know, there are also tents that look like Mongolian tents, but actually they are patent buildings with air conditioning. Anyway, this place is really like a hotel!

Would you like to swim in a water park? You should try billiards with all the games here. There are many other exciting activities you can do besides swimming, including farm tours, horse riding, archery and golf. Very complete facilities!

Another fun part of Highland Park &​​​​​​​oord is enjoying a meal on the second floor of the restaurant. Behind you can see the water park, small tents and mountain Salak. Extraordinary!

2. Forester Glamping Company

Just like in England, Glastonbury style tents are used, so your stay here will be very enjoyable! Even if you stay in a tent you will feel comfortable as the bed is very soft and the bathroom has a wonderful shower.

There is a pond in front of the tent where you can easily catch fish. Do not worry. Fishing tackle is provided so you don’t have to worry about bringing it with you. Guests can also enjoy hotel-style breakfast and dinner menus at the Forrester Glamping Café.

You can also trek and play at Kurukpanjang which is not far from Forester Glamping.

3. Kuruknangka Green Glamping

The views that this luxurious location offers are simply breathtaking. You can enjoy the freshness of Curug Nangka by walking for 3 minutes.

This flamingo tent has a terrace with chairs. There are even tents with dining areas or balconies!

There is no shared bathroom with shower facilities. If you stay here, don’t miss the pool facilities.

4. Pondok Rasamala

Pondok Rasamala is located in Mount Halimun Salak National Park and offers a rural setting. There are 8 luxury tents of different types. Tents supported by bamboo are cool, right?

Each unit has a bathroom with a water heater! So you won’t feel the cold in the middle of the mountain. The facilities at this glamping site are also quite complete. There is a swimming pool, jogging track and beautiful flower garden.

5. Natural Camping

The shape of the tents at Alang-Alang Nature Camp is unique and different from other glamping sites. The tents here are made of bamboo and thatched roofs. that’s so cool

The facilities at this luxury location are quite complete. There is a small swimming pool and cafe. There are also places to take photos on Instagram. Here he is!

At night, each tent is lit up, creating a romantic atmosphere. You can also see the sparkling city of Bogor in the distance that can be seen from here.

6. Glamcamp Carpenters Outdoors

Located on Mount Pancar, Glamping offers a variety of camping packages ranging from basic to outdoor facilities, barbecue equipment and waterfall tours. The packages offered allow you to adjust your budget.

Large tents are equipped with comfortable mattresses and fans. The evening atmosphere of this luxurious place is sweetened by chandeliers and fire accessories. This barbecue just got even more exciting!

7. Harde Hermann’s Camp

Have you ever heard of Hermann Landang? He is one of the legends of Indonesian mountaineering. Herman Lantang now has a camping business with various facilities.

Each tent has a private bathroom with a shower. Even in front of the tent you can relax on the balcony.

Herman Lantang camp is located not far from Curug Nangka. In the morning, it is ideal to walk to this waterfall and two nearby waterfalls, Bawah Waterfall and Kaung Waterfall. Before your flight you can enjoy an Asian or à la carte breakfast.

8. Caravan Camp

In addition, there are still caravan camps in the Bogor Safari Park area. This lodge is actually part of the safari lodge or accommodation area within Taman Safari Bogor.

As the name suggests, caravan camps use caravans as accommodation. Uniquely painted in different colors of trees and animals, the caravan features canopies and balconies for extra comfort.

If you want to stay here you must book quickly as there is a high demand. There are three types of caravans to choose from. These are regular caravans, bus caravans and rhino caravans. In terms of customs, a different tariff is assigned to each caravan.

For regular caravans, rates start from IDR 605,000 on weekdays and IDR 860,000 on weekdays. Meanwhile, the bus model costs IDR 710,000 on weekdays and IDR 945,000 on weekends. Rhino caravans are usually rented from IDR 500,000 on weekdays and IDR 700,000 on weekends.

For that price you get very complete facilities, from the bathroom, heating, satellite TV and free breakfast. Isn’t that very interesting? Ohiya, all visitors staying here can get a 50% discount on the entrance to the safari park.

9. Mount Zeuris Campground – GJCA Campground

One of the best glamping options in Bogor is the Gunung Gliss Camp area, 13 km from Jungleland Adventure theme park. With room rates starting at IDR 453,000 on weekdays, the lodge offers full facilities to ensure an unforgettable camping experience.

There is an outdoor swimming pool and shared lounge for visitors to use. A continental buffet or special breakfast is also available for visitors to the Gunung Geulis camping area.

This popular property also features a playground for children. Children will definitely feel comfortable staying here. Activities like cycling and fishing are also fun activities to do with your beloved family.

10. Gegedegan Hut

This luxury estate is located precisely at the foot of Mount Salak in the Gunung Halimun National Park area and has a large swimming pool and a very nice cottage environment due to the many trees and flowering plants around the inn. The choice of rooms varies, with only room for two guests (ideal for those who want to spend their holiday as a couple, but are looking for a location not too far from Jakarta). This room can accommodate 5-6 people.

There are also many activities you can try here, such as archery, badminton, forest walks, grape growing and swimming around the pond by boat. There are more activities for children, there is a play area for children as well as coloring pages. Besides being available for accommodation, Leweng Geledegan also offers workspace for up to 4 people at a price of IDR 200,000 per hour. With the cool air and beautiful views of Mount Salak, the action is definitely more focused.

11. JSI Resort

JSI stands for Jeep Station Indonesia. This department store is designed with a unique design. Instead of being in one building, you live in a log cabin separated from one floor to another.

So you can have more comfortable privacy. If you enter the bungalow and go upstairs, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Mount Gede. When you open the window, a view like this has an immediate healing effect.

Not to mention the comfortable bungalow facilities. If you are staying with your children for a family holiday, you will find at this home the perfect playground for them to play and spend time together.

JSI Resort also has a swimming pool. If you’re looking for something more unique, JSI Resort also has cottages and tented homes made from containers. However, living here will give you a different experience. As for the cost of accommodation, the price is around IDR 400,000.

12. Sitamiang is cool

Located in Chiliung, Jalan Utara, Tugu, Sisarua District, Bogor, this majestic site benefits from its zero kilometer position on the Chiliung River. So you can camp during your trip to the tea garden or take a morning walk along Ciliwung (unlike Jakarta’s Ciliwung River). You can play paintball or explore the hills in a Land Rover. Wonderful Citamiang has two types of rooms: the tent type and the Avila room. The room types are Wonderful Camp, Pinus Room, Sendana Room, Damar Room and Wonderful Room. Damar room costs IDR 438,000 for two people on weekdays and IDR 638,000 on weekends.

Meanwhile, Pinners-type rooms that can accommodate 6 to 8 people cost IDR 1.43 million on weekdays and IDR 2.03 million on weekends. If you want to camp, it starts from 500,000 (weekdays) and 800,000 (weekends) for 4-8 people, and also offers honeymoon packages for newlyweds at Wonderful Sitamiang. Isn’t that fun?!

13- Cisarua Forest

If you meditate at The Forest Cisarua, you will never be bored as it offers various activities such as barbecue, picnic, sunbathing, swimming, playground, table tennis, outdoor activities, team building and rafting. That’s why The Forest Cisarua is the ideal place for a family holiday or team building with office mates. There are various types of rooms such as Glamping Nature, Glamping Suite, Family Glamping and Indian Glamping Suite.

There are also VIP cabins, superior cabins, luxury cottages, cottages, family villas, villa rooms and types of bamboo suites. Prices for the same room start from 500,000 won on weekdays (glamping nature type). The most expensive room type is the VIP cabin for 4 people for IDR 900,000 on weekdays.

If you want to stay at The Forest, Desa Cikodom RT/RW 02/08 No. 65, Nior Valley, Cisarua Alternative Road – Gadog, Cobo, Cisarua.

This is the best glamping place in Bogor. How do you feel about visiting Bogor? You can choose one of them for your weekend activities.