Best Family Friendly Hotels For Kids In Puncak Bogor For Akuntan Publik Indonesian

The cool air, easy access and the many tourist attractions or places to eat make Puncak Bogor one of the favorite destinations in Jakarta. Moreover, its location, which is still close to the capital, makes many people interested in spending a weekend getaway in the Puncak Bogor area. In fact, not infrequently they are willing to stand in the middle of a traffic jam to enjoy the cool atmosphere of Puncak Bogor.

Besides the many tourist attractions, Puncak Bogor also has a number of accommodation options. Starting from star hotels to cheap villas. Since Puncak Bogor is a tourist spot, not a few hotels or villas offer family room facilities with a children’s playground. So, if you want to spend your vacation with your family in Puncak Bogor, here are recommendations for family (child friendly) hotels in Bogor.

It is a family and child friendly hotel in the Puncak Bogor area.

If you are still concerned about the condition of your hotel during a pandemic, you can contact the hotel to make sure they are implementing the health protocol properly. It is a comfortable hotel located in Bogor Puncak, perfect for family visits.

1. Royal Tulip Resort Mount Geulis

This hotel in Puncak Bogor is rated as a 5-star hotel, so it is only natural that the room rate per night is very expensive compared to other hotels in Puncak Bogor. However, the facilities offered by Royal Tulip Gunung Glis Resort are comparable to the price of one night’s room. Moreover, the location which is very close to the Ciawi toll gate is a plus point for this hotel in Bogor.

The beautiful mountain panorama and the cool air typical of Puncak Bogor is an irresistible attraction. As you know, this hotel in Puncak Bogor also has a very wide golf course.

Finally, there is a swimming pool, fitness center, spa, mini outdoor facilities and a children’s playground. The playground is quite large with a variety of suitable games. Your children will feel like they are playing at home!

Budget: from IDR 1.9 million/night

Address: Jalan Pasir Angin, Gadog, Puncak, West Java, Indonesia, 16720

2. Grand Hill Resort

Grand Hill Resort is located on a hill and offers many impressive natural views. The beautiful scenery and tall trees in Puncak Bogor are the main attraction of this hotel in Puncak Bogor. There is also an infinity pool overlooking the mountain. Calm Bali, as if it offers a typical Ubud atmosphere.

This hotel in Puncak Bogor is child-friendly and offers small indoor and outdoor playgrounds where children can play to their heart’s content. The hotel area is quite large, there is a lawn surrounded by plants, so that the children can run around. Staying here requires special care, because the access itself is quite difficult.

Budget: from IDR 750,000/night

Address: Jl. How much is Raya Puncak? 84, Cisarua Monument, North Monument, Bogor

3. R-hotel Rancamaya

R Hotel Rancamaya can also be a choice of child-friendly hotels. Located in Puncak Bogor, this hotel offers luxurious and modern accommodation with full facilities, including an outdoor swimming pool, a golf course and free high-speed Wi-Fi. R Hotel Rancamaya is located not far from Taman Safari Bogor and offers breathtaking views of the mountains and green hills.

Apart from that, this favorite Bogor property also has a playground. Even small children can play freely here. The hotel’s large garden area and the cool air typical of Puncak Bogor make this hotel in Puncak Bogor highly recommended as a child-friendly hotel.

Budget: From IDR 1.7 million/night

Address: Jl. Raya Rankamaya Utama, Rankamaya, South Bogor

4. Pesuna Alam Resort & Spa

If you are looking for a hotel in Puncak Bogor that is suitable for children, Pesona Alam Resort & Spa is the answer. Apart from beautiful views, this hotel in Puncak Bogor also has play facilities for children.

There is a swimming pool, playground and pets for the children to visit. Children can not only see cute animals here, but also pet and feed them. Apart from that, this hotel in Puncak Bogor also has a sand play area with a slide.

There is also a small football field where children can run freely. Equipped with various play facilities for children, this hotel in Puncak Bogor is the ideal place for a weekend getaway in Puncak Bogor.

Budget: from IDR 1 million/night

Address: Jl. Safari Park 101, Kampung Baru Tegal, Cibureum, Cisarua, Bogor

5. Hotel Grand Diara Puncak

There are several hotel options in Puncak Bogor that offer complete facilities for children. One of them is the Grand Diara Hotel Puncak near Cimory Riverside and The Ranch Mega Mendung.

Its strategic location makes this hotel in Puncak Bogor one of the favorites for travelers. The view is also not inferior to other hotels in Puncak Bogor.

This hotel is located in Puncak Bogor, near the toll exit as well as indoor and outdoor playgrounds. It is suitable for those who want to spend the evening with small children. A large playground with many games will make children feel at home for a long time in this one hotel.

Budget: from IDR 560,000/night

Address: Jl. Sleeve banner top. 77, Leuwimalang Village, Cisarua, Bogor

6. Parama Hotel

For those who want to soak in a pool with a mountain setting, Hotel Parama deserves to be the best choice. Wrapped in the typical natural nuances of Puncak Bogor, Hotel Parama gives visitors a relaxed impression.

Well, the pool itself is usually equipped with a circular slide similar to those found in swimming pools. There is also a full playground for children. Children and parents will feel at home for a long time at this hotel in Puncak Bogor.

Jl. Raya Puncak km. 22, Sisarua, Bogor

Parama hotel bookings start from IDR 380,000 per night.

7. Villa Joko

Villa Tjokro is located in a tourist village complex and is one of the child-friendly hotels in Puncak, Bogor. The natural atmosphere surrounding this hotel and the panoramic views of the mountains make everyone feel comfortable while staying here. Plus, every room has a private balcony, so you’ll never want to leave.

Interestingly, this villa in Puncak Bogor has a private pool for children and adults. The children’s pool has a circular slide like the Waterboom. There is also a playground and playground for children to enjoy. Would you like to live here?

Jl. How much does it cost. Peak Kingdom. 84, North Monument, Sisarua, Bogor. 84, North Monument, Cisarua, Bogor

Start booking at Villa Tjokro from IDR 680,000/night

8. AJ’s villa

Puncak Bogor not only has several types of hotels, but also several villas that are suitable for family vacations. Villa AJ is one of the best villas in Bogor, complete for children. Villa Puncak Bogor has 10 unique country bungalows.

Like a country residence, each bungalow at Villa Puncak Bogor is designed like a small, beautiful house. Interestingly, Villa AJ is equipped with complete facilities for children, including a swimming pool, playground, basketball court, horse riding track and badminton court. This villa in Puncak Bogor is definitely a suitable destination for a family weekend getaway in Puncak Bogor.

Jl. How much does it cost. Peak Kingdom. 77 Kubu Village, Cisarua, Bogor

9. Sisarua Forest

So, if you want to find another accommodation in the Puncak Bogor area, The Forest Cisarua is the right place. This hotel in Puncak Bogor has both amenities, so you can choose between holiday style or luxury camping. Simple tents and outdoor resorts are available for those who want to camp with their families.

Another interesting thing that can be found in this hotel is the play area with a very large courtyard for children’s play facilities and swimming pool for all hotel guests to enjoy. Those who choose to camp can strum their guitar while twirling around the campfire. is it good

Cisarua Forest bookings start at IDR 539,000/night

Seedocum Village RT 02 / RW 08 No. 65, Nior Valley (Cisarua – Gadog alternative road), Cisarua, Bogor

10. Hotel Seruni Mount Fanlango Puncak

This luxury hotel is not to be missed. If you are on vacation to Puncak, there is nothing wrong with staying at the Seruni Gunung Pangrango Hotel. This hotel offers incredible mountain views. There is also a children’s playground in the form of a swimming pool (water tree) with several slides. The room is also designed for parents with two children.

Apart from the Seruni Gunung Pangrango Hotel, there are other themed Chrysanthemum hotels in this area, including the Seruni Gunung Salak Hotel, Mount Gede, Egypt and the Hobbit House.

Seruni Mount Panrango hotel bookings start from IDR 660,000/night here.

Jalan Pirus Kp Baru Tegal, Cibureum Village, Cisarua – Bogor, Puncak, West Java

11. Royal Safari Garden Resort and Conference Centre

If you are stuck in the traffic jams in Puncak and decide to stay at a hotel, Royal Safari Garden Hotel might be the right choice for you. A family favorite, it offers a fun and exciting play area for your little ones, with water slides and a giant bucket pool to keep your little ones entertained. The rooms in this hotel are also labeled with animal names such as Komodo, Giraffe or Harimauu. Isn’t that very interesting?

Royal Safari Garden & Convention Resort bookings start from IDR 799,000/night.

Highway peak no. 601, Cisarua, West Java

12. Pullman Chiawi Vimala Hills Resort Spa & Convention

The only thing that makes the trip to Puncak lazy is the roads which are usually crowded. However, you don’t have to worry about canceling your short vacation plans in Puncak. Because you don’t have to wait long in traffic jams to get to this Pullman hotel.

Pullman Ciawi is located at Simpang Gadog, not far from the toll road to Puncak. The exact location is in the beautiful Vimala Hills housing complex facing lush green hills. It’s still down there, but the air is still clean and cool. It’s not too cold, but the weather is perfect for residents of Jakarta who are exposed to hot air every day.

When you enter this hotel, you will feel like you are in Ubud, Bali. There are 4 separate pools for children to use. The hotel’s outdoor area is decorated with tropical plants to refresh the eyes. Then there is a comfortable jogging track inside and outside the hotel. Other amenities include bicycles, game room and segway rentals in front of the lobby.

If you want to invite other families, villas are available for rent. Some villas also have a private pool with a safe depth for children.

Book Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills Resort Spa & Convention here from IDR 1.6 million per night

Jalan Raya Puncak, Simpang Gadog, Vimala Hills, Megamendung, Bogor

13. Amanuva Rancamaya Hotel & Resort

This hotel is also located in Ciawi, not too far from the Ciawi exit, so you don’t have to go through traffic jams to get to this hotel. The park is large and has a fun jogging track so you can breathe in the fresh mountain air with the children. Besides a large swimming pool to try out, there are rice fields and gardens to explore with the children. If you want to enjoy beautiful scenery and cool air, sit back in the amphitheater overlooking the rice fields.

The good thing is that this hotel only has 44 rooms, so it is one of the quietest hotels. It’s not overcrowded, but you still have to follow health rules.

Book Amanuva Hotels & Resorts from IDR 533,000 per night here

Jl. Rancamaya No. 37, RT. 03/RW. 04, Bojongkerta, Kec. Bogor Seal, Bogor City

14. Le Eminence Peak

Of course, being able to explore nature is one of the goals of finding hotels in Puncak, apart from enjoying the fresh and fresh air. If you want to invite your children to see a green environment, you can choose Le Eminence Puncak Hotel. Along with the beautiful mountain views that can be admired directly from the large room windows, this hotel is equipped with a number of attractive amenities. One is to walk along the river or dip your toe in the clear, rocky stream in the backyard. The water is cold, but your passion for enjoying nature is growing.

Other activities you can do with the kids include playing in a strawberry patch, experimenting with flying dragons, horse riding and feeding rabbits and deer. If you want to relax, you can do simple things like enjoying a spa, drinking coffee while breathing in the cool mountain air, or walking the paths in the hotel grounds.

Le Eminence Puncak bookings start from IDR 1.2 million per night here.

Hanjwarweg No. 19 Seloto Peak, West Java

15. Bogor Highlands Park Resort

If you want to feel luxurious with a beautiful view of Mount Salak, you can invite your family to experience a different sensation by staying at Highland Park Resort Bogor. Here the children can have fun in the extra large swimming pool and playground.

Each room here is decorated from the outside in a simple tent shape. But once you enter, you will feel as comfortable as being in a 5-star hotel, so you don’t have to worry about the comfort of your family while staying here.

If you plan to stay longer, you can try various physical activities such as ziplining, archery and swimming. The resort also organizes art activities for children, such as hat painting.

Book Highland Park resorts from IDR 700,000 per night here

Jl. Nangka Raya Waterfall Ciapus, Ciapus, Bogor

16. Jambuluwuk Convention Hall & Resort Puncak

Another resort that you can choose for your holiday in Bogor is the Jambuluwuk Convention Hall & Resort. The resort offers accommodation with a choice of one to four bedrooms. This is the perfect amount if you plan to take the big family out on the weekends. You can also choose the option of pool view or green tree view.

Book Jambuluuk Puncak from Rs 720,000 per night here

Tabos Veteran Street No. 63 Siawi, Bogor

17. Plant sanctuary

One of the Puncak hotels that regularly appear on FYP Tiktok or IG Reels is The Botanica Sanctuary. This hotel is famous for having an infinity pool on the roof with a very enchanting view. In addition to the pool for adults, there is a children’s pool and a heated outdoor Jacuzzi.

Located in the same complex as Pesona Alam Cisarua (see number 4), this hotel is also close to Taman Safari Indonesia, making it strategic for families who want to spend their vacations in Puncak, Bogor.

In the morning you can take the kids for outdoor activities with archery and ATV facilities. There are also activities for children offered by the hotel staff on certain days of the week, or other fun activities for adults such as cooking and yoga classes.

Botanica Sanctuary bookings start from IDR 1.4 million per night here.

Jl. Taman Safari 101, k. Baru Tegal, Cisarua, Puncak, West Java, Indonesia, 16750

18. Grand Aston Puncak Hotel & Resort

Grand Aston Puncak Hotel & Resort is one of the new luxury hotels in Puncak, especially in the Cipanas area, also known as Puncak Pass, from the direction of Jakarta. The location is on the side of the road so it is easy to find and close to public amenities.

Like a 5 star hotel, the facilities at this hotel are very complete. The main attraction is the infinity pool with a direct view of the green hills. There are also child-friendly facilities such as a restaurant, meeting rooms and a children’s club. The room also has a smart TV with entertainment programs such as Netflix, Disney + Hotstar and HBO Go.

The closest attractions to this hotel are the Cibodas Botanical Gardens, Taman Bunga Nusantara and Ciheulang Waterfall.

Stay at the Grand Aston Puncak from IDR 1.5 million per night.

Jl. Raya Puncak – Reading No. 54 Ciloto, Cipanas, Puncak, West Java, Indonesia, 43253

19. Ariandri Puncak Hotel

It is located on Jalan Raya Puncak KM. 85, Cisarua, Ariandri Resort Puncak offers beautiful views of the enchanting rows of pine trees. You can stay here at Taman Safari Indonesia. The concept of living here is great and you can feel at home.

Ariandri resort accommodation starts from IDR 400,000/night

Puncak Highway KM 85, North Monument, Kec. Bogor Cisarua

20. Zimmers Mountain Resort

Jimmers Mountain Resort is one of the hotels in the Puncak area with very good views. Here you get the typical mountain atmosphere which is nice and quiet. You can also enjoy swimming with a breathtaking mountain background. If you want to warm up, the resort has a coffee shop. I thought a cup of coffee while looking at the green would be very healing!

Zimmers Mountain Resort Accommodation starts from IDR 440,000 per night

Jalan Raya Puncak KM 77 Leuwimalang, Kopo, Cisarua District, Bogor

21. Pinewood Lodge & Bogor Organic Farm

If you are interested in finding a hostel with a unique concept, this hostel recommendation might be a consideration.

Pinewood Lodge and Organic Farm is located in the heart of Cisarua, Puncak. This European-style hotel is ideal for a short break from daily activities, away from noise and air pollution. The atmosphere around the hotel is very nice with beautiful views as far as the eye can see.

This hotel can be a home suitable for children because it has a large garden and a tree house.

This hotel has 12 types of suites. Each room is designed with a theme of 12 countries and is equipped with a restaurant, 3 meeting rooms, swimming pool, children’s playground and open space. Around the villa are the Gunung Mas tea plantations with 3 waterfalls, Taman Safari and Kuruk Silmber.

The cheapest rooms are available at The Pinewood Lodge, starting at IDR 280,000 per night.

Jl. 251, South Monument, Kec. Cisarua, Bogor Regency, West Java 16750

22. Parkside Talita Mountain Resort Siloto Puncak

Located in Puncak Pass Regency, West Java, Talita Mountain Resort is now managed by Parkside Hotel Indonesia, so the name changed to Parkside Talita Mountain Resort Ciloto Puncak. Here you can choose to live in a villa, hotel or mansion. Parkside Talita Mountain Ciloto Puncak Resort has a total of 53 rooms, consisting of private rooms, villas and family villas, with beautiful views and cool air from a height.

With meeting rooms for business events and corporate gatherings, swimming pool, restaurant and cafe, as well as jogging trails and walking areas to support outdoor activities, the facilities are quite complete making it ideal for holidays with children.

Room rental at Talita Mountain Resort starts from IDR 600,000/night.

Jl. Siguntang, RT.09/RW.02, Ciloto Village, Cipanas, Cianjur Regency, West Java 43253

23. Arlinson Sunset Hill

Alinson Sunset Hill is in Cisarua. If you and your family are looking for accommodation close to tourist attractions such as Taman Wisata Matahari and Taman Safari Indonesia, this resort is perfect for an overnight stay. Accommodation at Alinson Sunset Hill features a cabin space concept with various in-room amenities. You can also see a panoramic view of Mount Salaksan and Mount Salaksan.

Alinson Sunset Hill Puncak offers 12 cabins with 4 couple cabins for 2 people and 8 family cabins for 4 people. From Wi-Fi to the pool, the amenities outside the room are also complete. For children there are activities to play and feed the rabbits in the area provided by the manager.

Stay at Alinson Sunset Hill from IDR 470,000/night.

Jl Raya Puncak, North Tugu, Bogor Regency, West Java 16750

Have you decided which kid-friendly family hotel in Puncak Bogor you want to visit for your next vacation?

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