Who Says Vacations Aren’t Fun In Jakarta? Check Out The 9 Destination Options!

Speaking of Jakarta, what comes to mind is definitely a densely populated city with pollution and traffic jams. In fact, Jakarta is not just tall buildings! There are many beautiful tourist destinations, ranging from natural attractions, playgrounds, to history.

Besides Monas and Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, there are nine other destinations in Jakarta that you can visit to make your vacation even more exciting. Check out the details below, come on over!

1. Thousand Islands

Need vitamin sea? Only 1-2 hours from Angke Harbor you can reach the very beautiful Thousand Islands. The clear blue sea will not make you think that you are in Jakarta! Don’t forget to bring your swimming gear because you can even find nemo fish in the Thousand Islands. Pramuka Island, Tidung Island, Harapan Island, Pari Island are some of the favorite islands there which can be your vacation spot. If you want to travel without staying overnight while getting to know the history, you can go around Onrust Island, Cipir Island and Kelor Island.

2. Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park

Do you want to feel like you are traveling around Indonesia with your whole family? Then TMII is the right destination for you! Here you can find various traditional houses from every province in Indonesia. In the afternoon you can enjoy the view from the top by riding the gondola or going around by bike.

3. Old City

This popular tourist area can be reached by taking the Trans Jakarta. There are many museums in historical buildings that you can find here, such as the Fatahilah Museum, the Maritime Museum, Sunda Kelapa Port and Nine Chinatown Squares. In the evening you will also find lots of delicious street food and interesting street performances.

4. Situ Lembang Park

The beauty of this garden makes you feel like you are in the countryside. Hidden in the Menteng area, you can find Situ Lembang Park. Bringing the family here for a road trip will definitely be a lot of fun!

5. Ragunan

This zoo in the southern area of ​​Jakarta is always full of visitors on Muslim holidays. You can find good flora and fauna here. It will be an interesting educational tourist spot for the baby.

6. Mangrove Natural Tourism Park

The always busy atmosphere of the capital often makes us dizzy and bored. We also want to visit the mangrove forest in North Jakarta to enjoy the cool atmosphere. After coming from the Mangrove Natural Tourism Park, you can continue your vacation with a contemporary culinary tour in the Pantai Indah Kapuk area. There are many instagrammable cafes that you can visit!

7. Pesenongan

For those of you who love to try unique culinary delights, Pecenongan is a must-visit area. Here you can find a variety of culinary delights, from Chinese food, porridge, seafood, to martabak.

8. Museum textiles

This young museum was built in 1976 to collect a collection of Indonesian textiles and as a form of respect for Mrs. Ten Suharto. This museum is one of the most important museums in Indonesia.

9. The tallest ferris wheel, J Sky, Aeon Mall

The center of the world in the Cakung area is somewhat different from the others because there is a 69 meter high Ferris wheel on the roof. You can enjoy the beautiful view of Jakarta from the gondola. Plus, some gondolas have karaoke machines, you know!

To make your holiday more enjoyable, make sure you have a good travel plan and at some tourist spots you can buy tickets in advance so that you no longer have to stand in line.

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