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Bali has not only beaches but also natural attractions in the form of beautiful mountains and villages. The natural beauty of the Island of the Gods is what culinary entrepreneurs use to create restaurants with a natural concept. Dining was once the belle of Bali, with more and more restaurants offering breathtaking river views.

Yes, you don’t have to stay at a luxury resort to enjoy the beautiful views of the Bali River. Because a place to eat with views of the river below is ready to spoil the tongue and eyes. Here are 13 places to eat in Bali with river views that will make you feel at home for a long time.

1. Distant Soup Restaurant

If you are tired of eating in the middle of Balinese rice fields, come to Swept Away Restaurant overlooking the river. The sound of gurgling water combined with a peaceful river panorama will make the dining atmosphere even more memorable. This dining area is still part of Samaya Ubud and not only offers beautiful river views, but is also surrounded by shady trees that provide a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

With its romantic location, this Balinese eatery is perfect for enjoying dinner with loved ones. There is also a dedicated seating area very close to the river. Interested in trying it? Don’t forget to make a reservation first.

2. Riverside Cafe

Not much different from Swept Away Restaurant, Riverside Café is still part of a luxury hotel in Bali, namely the Four Seasons Hotel. The view of the Ayung River surrounded by lush trees and flowing with clear water is a charming natural landscape to accompany your meal here.

Although it does not reach the river bank directly, the calm sound of the river can be clearly heard up in the tea house. This Balinese restaurant offers a fresh menu with local ingredients. Ohiya Riverside Café is also a great place for a barbecue with loved ones.

3. Cobo Restaurant

For newlyweds looking for a romantic dinner, this Balinese restaurant is perfect for them to visit. Kubu restaurant has always been the target of couples in love. As the name suggests, Kubu Restaurant located in the Mandapa Ritz Carlton is shaped like a fortress and is commonly called a rice barn by the Balinese. Mandapa restaurant has 9 special booths with seats overlooking the Ayung River.

Besides offering a breathtaking view of the river, the architecture of this restaurant is designed with a simple yet luxurious thatched roof interior and warm decorative lighting, as if it will create a romantic atmosphere for the couple dining here. supply. Taking your partner to Kubu Restaurant is definitely the right choice for a beautiful night in Bali.

4. Warung Morni

Besides the breathtaking views of the rice fields, Ubud Bali also has some not-so-attractive views of the river. As introduced by Warung Murni Restaurant, the view of the river here is really beautiful, and the sound of the river makes you feel more comfortable.

In harmony with the green trees that surround the dining room, makes the dining atmosphere more enjoyable. Warung Murni is located on Jalan Raya Campuhan in Ubud and features wooden interiors with Island of the Gods decor. In terms of menu, this Balinese restaurant offers Balinese food with tempting flavors.

5. Rice terraces

Sawah Terrace is located in Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, and offers views of the river. The dining area is laid out in an open plan on stilts overlooking the Ayung River. Anyone who eats while listening to the sound of the peaceful river will feel at home here.

In addition, the shady atmosphere typical of Ubud, Bali is appetizing. For the menu, there are Asian dishes as well as local dishes to try. Interested in visiting here? Don’t forget to make a reservation first.

6. Chef’s Table

Unlike other restaurants, Chef’s Table is itself a dining experience at the Four Seasons Hotel Bali at Sayan. Chef’s Table only offers a dining room on certain days and is located directly on the banks of the Ayung River. Surrounded by rice fields and shady trees, the dining atmosphere will feel more peaceful.

All diners will be immersed in the dishes prepared by Four Seasons Bali’s chefs. You can also watch the chef cook all the dishes right in front of you. In a way, Chef’s Table at Sokashi is the only place in Bali where you can eat while overlooking the river with an open kitchen concept. So, for those who are interested, Chef’s Table is only open every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

7. Ayung Terrace

Don’t miss the other river view dining options still located at the Four Seasons Bali. This is Teras Ayung where you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere while looking at the Ayung River. Because of the romantic atmosphere, you can book a place for a romantic dinner with your partner. In terms of menus, Ayung Terrace offers a wide variety of menus ranging from Indonesian to Western dishes.

8. Kepito Restaurant

Want to eat while being accompanied by the sound of a waterfall? Ke-Pi-Tu restaurant is just that. Yes, not only rivers but also enchanting waterfalls in this Balinese eatery. The roar of the waterfall accompanies you when you eat here. Located at The Kayon Resort, Ke-Pi-Tu Restaurant is the place to enjoy a romantic dinner.

Those who want to visit this place have special rules that must be obeyed by all visitors to the restaurant. Not all guests are allowed to bring children under the age of 15. This is for the sake of comfort and tranquility for other visitors who want to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of a Balinese restaurant.

9. River Cafe

Another place to eat in Bali that offers beautiful views of the river is the River Café located in Maya Ubud. This Balinese eatery not only spoils the eyes, but also spoils the tongue with a variety of delicious dishes served here. Besides the beautiful view, River Cafe is also a vegetarian eatery. Because this typical Balinese restaurant offers a variety of foods made with organic ingredients.

10. La View Restaurant

Managed by Kupu Kupu Barong Villas & Tree Spa by L’Occitane, La View Restaurant offers fine cuisine as well as spectacular views. The view of the green trees surrounding the Ayung River is the best view to make your dining moment unforgettable. Located on a height, the view of the Ayung River is very clear.

Birds chirping mixed with river water make visitors here more comfortable and peaceful. Interestingly, you can enjoy a romantic dinner at three places in La View Restaurant: Private Infinity Pool, Bird’s Nest and Eagle’s Nest. Of course, all these places have beautiful river views.

11. Bridges in Bali

For those who prefer a relaxed dining atmosphere, Bridges Bali could be an alternative. This Balinese restaurant is located high above the Wos River and offers refreshing river views. Lush trees surrounding the dining room give a pleasant feeling that makes you linger. Bridges Bali serves delicious Asian and Western dishes. For vegetarians and vegans, this Balinese eatery also offers a variety of vegan-friendly dishes.

12. The Three Elements

Three Elements Restaurant, located in Bali’s Hanging Gardens, is one of the eateries you must visit while on vacation on the Island of the Gods. You can not only have lunch here, you can also order afternoon tea while enjoying the sound of the river’s babbling.

This Balinese restaurant is perfect for a romantic dinner with loved ones. Three Elements offers a special bale called Bale River which is directly opposite the Ayung River, creating a more intimate dining atmosphere. Isn’t it nice?

13. Cascade Bali

Finally, you can also choose CasCades Bali. Be mesmerized by the ambiance of this Balinese eatery, which offers panoramic views of the Ayung River Valley. As for the menu itself, this dining area at Viceroy Bali offers local and western dishes. Therefore, it is advisable to make reservations in advance to get the best places at CasCades Bali.

Of the many riverside eateries in Bali, which one would you want to visit first?

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